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About Us :

Lead and performance in product development    

Winbel strives to develop leading and high performance products to enhance our customers compentiveness. 

Customer satisfaction is an important element of the company's commitment to serving our customers.

Throughout the years, we remains dedicated to developing and maintaining excellent control and management systems that meet our customers expectations.

Specifically, the main product lines include:
1) Wireless calling system used for restaurant, tea house,  hotels, casino and hospital etc,
2) Intercom system for hospital, office etc.
3) Nurse calling system for hospital etc.

Our experienced R&D team also offer verified styles of products with your specific requirement .We will consistently research and produce secured products with high quality, fashionable style, convenient usage at the most reasonable cost.

 技術支援提升信心 提供高質產品

嘉寶利 針對市場及客戶所需,為客戶設計不同類型的電子產品,以迎合各客戶的需要。  力求實現「只要客戶有需求,一定能辦到」的服務承諾。讓客戶們得到悉心的服務,自然對嘉寶利信心十足。

 Company Overview 

Winbel Company Limited was set up in the year 2000 to provide a comprehensive  electronic product development service to its customers in various markets sectors. Based in Hong Kong, we are able to oversee the  worlds major production site in the Mainland China.

In the year 2003, our trading department was set up to introduce various solutional products for business partners & factories.

發展歷程 :
  嘉寶利有限公司的創舉人一直致力電子產品生產,並於 2000 年 3 月在香港正式成立產品開發公司,研發多元化產品。經過 10 餘年的發展與完善,已配合香港、中國及國際市場的不同需求,成功地培養了一批專業的技術人員。在不斷努力求發展的前提下,嘉寶利為加強香港與日本之間的互助發展,於 2002 年在日本成立了分公司 Sunshin Corporation Ltd,開拓了中國、香港與日本之間的最新產品資訊互動,又於2003年成立產品銷售部門,為中港客戶帶來各種最有效的業務便利產品。

Company Data

Your OEM Networking Partner

If you have a product to develop, bring it to us and we will source you your best manufacturing partner. With our extensive production experience, we provide the following services:

  • Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)       

嘉寶利有限公司 是工業家的好伙伴,產品開發的理想顧問。
  從事各種電子產品生產20多年, 本公司除了致力提供生產之外,更有全面的設計、維修及相關服務,為客戶提高生產力及產品質量。擁有日本最新的電子資訊及工廠的管理技術, 能為你找到最適合的生產工廠.


Our experienced expertise provide original and customized designs and manufacturing services in China to electronic products. Production process would be fully controlled and monitored to ensure the assembly of  high quality electronic and moulded parts.


Our team of local engineers and managers in Hong Kong, have excellent knowledge on the manufacturing market, backed by their extensive experience in manufacturing and assembling parts for clients.  90% of our finished goods trades in Japan, and we keep exploring markets from other countries.


Some of our customers:




Shenzhen Factory:

Your One-Stop Value Adding Partner

  • Sourcing     
  • Trading                                                                       

During 2003, the trading division was established to introduce innovative and high performance products to wholesale/ retail markets in the most competitive price. We focus on pursuing products that improve environmental conditions as well as enhance cost efficiency for both business users and households. 

Our company has successfully obtained the franchise as the sole agent of Japanese air filter "Super Clean Filter" in Mainland China and Hong Kong in the year, enabling us to expand ourselves into the consumer market.


In the year 2003, we begin trading another Japanese high performance water purifying product "Kamui Magnetic Water Treatment Unit" serving mainly the industrial market.


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